Purchased - Bits and bobs for the wood shop (inc. a new music amplifier)

Proposal Type:

Joe Christian

I’ve been putting together a little list of bits and bobs for the woodshop for the past few weeks so here goes:

Bluetooth amplifier - Ebay - £22.29
This will replace the big 80s one i brought in that broke after not too long. We already have the speakers in the room so hopefully it will be a quick install. This one has bluetooth built in so i won’t need to bodge it again.

Spring clamps (6 pack) x2 - Screwfix - £7.99 x2
These are really useful when gluing bits and bobs up to hold things for a short while. Having four of each size will be useful.

12 Chunky woodwork pencils x2 - Amazon - £5.44 x 2
We’ve got through the last supply we bought 7 months ago. Proposing we buy another years supply.

30cm combination square x 2 - Screwfix - £5.99 x2
These are really handy for marking out right angles and 45 degrees. I’m proposing below to create three ‘measuring and marking’ shadow boards, so these will go on them.

Replacement shopvac filter catridge - Ebay - £12.99 :white_check_mark: Bought and dropped off at space - RJ
The existing filter seems to be missing and it would be good to replace it before the unit dies.

Green gaffa tape for marking woody items woody - Ebay - £4.20

Small boxes- The Range - £2.99
The spindle sander has a few different rubber tubes, sanding tubes, base plates, washers, a spanner etc. that are likely to go missing if not stored directly next to the unit. I’d propose we had a box to store this stuff in right next to the unit labelled ‘spindle sander parts’. We also have quite an over flowing cutlery tray that could do with being organised into a couple of boxes. So i’d propose we get one more marked ‘other measuring tools’

Proposed Installation:
These items are all additions/repairs to existing items. I am happy to fit them myself, but would be even happier if someone wishes to volunteer.

I’d also like to propose making three ‘measuring and marking’ shadow boards. These would look roughly like the below and be made with 12mm plywood. One would be at either end of the long side bench and the third mounted by the smaller work bench. For this i’d like to allow £25 for materials (plywood and hooks). Many of the items are already on the consumables list so don’t form part of this proposal.

£84.30 + ~£25 for shadow board materials

Funding type:
Fully funded by Hackspace

Health & Safety
No new risks

Small Proposal < £150 - 2 Board Members and 5 Members

Supporting Board Members:
Joe Christian
Dominique Tink

Supporting Members:

  1. Rob J
  2. Ed B
  3. Nathan K
  4. Mike H
  5. Richard




Often, I’ve arrived at the space to find somebody playing their music compilation at full volume. So, I’m not enthusiastic about seeing another Bluetooth amplifier installed in the space. Also, the no-lone working policy in the hackspace seems pointless if nobody can be heard shouting for help over loud music.

I don’t think this is a suitable purchase proposal method for the Bluetooth amplifier since this item is likely to impact members in areas outside the woodworking.

Replying as a member rather than a board member here:

I hear your concerns. The amplifier is fairly low powered so wouldn’t be able to blast to a crazy volume, but we could set the amp at a reasonable volume and put it out of reach so it can’t be turned up over a certain level?

The wood room has had various speaker systems in it through its time, there’s a dead ipod Dock on one of the shelves too. So we’re not introducing anything new, just replacing what is broken.

The no-lone working argument falls through unless we have a ban on headphones as well. It’s more of a precaution than anything.

+1 board member :hugs:

I don’t know what speaker systems you are talking about; the woodworking room has been music-free all the times I’ve visited.
I guess this new system will only be used while there is no objection from other members who are present in the space.


There is a broken ipod dock/speaker on the side that’s been there a long while. Then I brought in an amp a while ago, which also sadly died.

+1 as long as its a rule regards low volume, since I’ve also been in the space when folks have been blaring away on the speaker (usually in visual arts)

Thanks all! I will be purchasing it all when I get back from my holiday.

I don’t think the membership should fund additional Bluetooth amplifiers for the hackspace until there is a policy to manage them. Because, before you know it, the metal room will want an amplifier, and potentially, they will all be broadcasting different music playlists across the hackspace simultaneously.

I’ve ordered this item and will bring it in whilst JC is away, as JC had asked in the Wood telegram chat.

This is all ordered and/or now in the space. I will work on the shadow boards on HTSD, or find some volunteers to do it.