Purchased - bolt/screw extraction stuff

Proposal Type:

Peter Roberts - woodwork

I currently have a few related issues in woody I can’t solve easily:

  • The handle on the mortiser isn’t screwed in properly; but the bolt is sheared off, so it can’t be.

  • The depth stop on the dewalt mitre saw isn’t available because it’s a bolt that sheared.

  • I want to replace the blade on the parkside plunge saw, but it’s jammed in. (I’ve put penetrating oil on it so may have more luck next time I try)

Proposed Purchase:

These seem fine, but I don’t have experience of either of these tools, so if anyone does and can suggest better please do.

Proposed Installation:
I propose these go into maintainer storage. Not against buying two sets, but I think at least one should be available exclusively for maintaining space tools


Funding type:
Fully funded by Hackspace

Health & Safety
No additional procedures required

Micro Proposal <£50 - 1 Board Members and 2 Members

Supporting Board Members:

  1. @peterdroberts

Supporting Members: (delete number as appropriate)

  1. @Cone
  2. @stephen

Heck yeah, sounds good, I had a nightmare removing a screw recently so this would be handy in the future



Definitely second this
A good purchase

Ordered. ETA is 23-24th November