Purchased! - Dewalt Drill - Purchased!

Proposal Type:

Joe Christian

Our current stock of drills are pretty poor performing. I am proposing we buy a new Dewalt Drill with a charger and 2x 4.0Ah batteries. These will complement the dewalt impact driver we already have along with the 3 or 4x 2.0Ah batteries we have (that may be getting a little tired). The batteries will all be interchangable with any dewalt 18v tool.

Proposed Purchase:
I’m proposing we buy this from screwfix, so the hackspace can deal quite easily with any returns that may be required. It’s also the cheapest place as it currently has a sale on.

Proposed Installation:
The drill will be put on the charging podium thing we currently have in the main space. Eventually I would like to make a dedicated drills and charging area, but that would be a proposal for the future.

I will take the bosch drills and their chargers away to be recycled.


Funding type:
Fully funded by Hackspace

Health & Safety
No induction will be required to use this tool. I will update the risk assessment and post it below.

Small Proposal < £150 - 2 Board Members and 5 Members

Supporting Board Members:
Joe Christian
Dominique Tink

Supporting Members: (delete number as appropriate)

  1. Mark - Marcus6275
  2. Chris Hilliard
  3. Ellis666
  4. Tom (Tomypg)
  5. Mike Hindley (mikeh)

If you’re not sure how it works from here, basically below you can ask any questions you have, then once you’re happy for the proposal to go ahead you can reply showing your support. This can be as simple as posting “+1”.



Risk assessment available here:


I’ll support. Seems like the cheapest way to get two batteries and a spare charger!

Definitely agree with this, the space needs a few more reliable drills.
My dewalt broke recently so I left the charger and battery at the space to be used, those at least work pretty well

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I think this is a great idea Joe. It’s clear that no-one really enjoys using the bosch drills to be honest!
I don’t mind going to grab the drill from Screwfix.
We just need two more people to say I!?

+1 sounds good

Ima try +1 again as it said my post needs to be moderated

I also support this. IIRC the current DeWalt twin set belongs to Ben anyway.

Thanks all, i’ve bought the drill. It will be in the space for the weekend!


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