Purchased - Divine Rulers!

Proposal Type:

Joe Christian

The rulers we have in visual arts are not designed for use with roller cutters, and they knacker the blades really quick. I’d like to propose we buy a couple of 45cm cuttings rulers, and a 1m bad boy!

I’ve got a 45cm ruler and can vouch for its supremacy over all other rulers.

Proposed Purchase:
2 x 45cm Cutting ruler - Aliexpress - £4.79 each
1 x 1m Ruler - Ebay - £25.75

Proposed Installation:
They’ll go in visual arts. I will move all the other metal rulers there over to woody or metal. I will drill a hole in the 1m one so it can be hung up.


Funding type:
Fully funded by Hackspace

Health & Safety
None - if anything, it makes cutting safer.

Micro Proposal <£50 - 1 Board Members and 2 Members

Supporting Board Members:
Joe Christian

Supporting Members:

  1. Nathan K
  2. Peter R

+1 !


While you’re at it could you add some of these to the order from the same store for woodwork? Let’s say 24 because they’re dirt cheap and you can never have enough
6" metal rulers

@mikeh would metalwork want some too?

I also think you should get more of the things on your proposal. No need for people in VA to have to share these things and if it’s cheap you might as well get loads so people can run workshops etc easily if that comes up.

EDIT: sorry missed that the unit cost was much higher for your things, but either way maybe bump up the quantity

It’s already passed and bought this time.

Also i don’t think i can tag 24x £1.50 rulers onto the order, that’s £37! Plus if we have 24 of them, they’re bound to go missing as people will think ‘oo i’ll have one of them, we’ve got loads!’

Toolstation sell them for the same price. You could get a few there.
FYI i’ve just ordered a few more 300mm rulers as well as they are on the consumables list.

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oh when I went on the page they were listed as £0.09.

Yeah, TBH metalwork proabbly needs a few measuring and marking tools. We have FIVE empty caliper cases (and one broken caliper). So I’ll do a proper proposal once I’ve got my head around what’s needed.

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Big ruler is now in VA. Little rulers on a ship from china as we speak.