Purchased - Electronics kit + new staple gun

Proposal Type:

Joe Christian

The electronics area is looking great but needs a bit of TLC. @bluetin and I have had a chat and believe the following items would get us moving in the right direction.

If you have further ideas, add them to the discussion thread instead of here.

Proposed Purchase:

Atten 60W soldering station - ~£62 - Amazon
We are in need of a good quality iron. Replacement tips are also included below.

Automatic wire strippers - £16.98 - C.K Automatic Wire Stripper | Toolstation
Another type of wire stripper, these ones are good for when you don’t just want to remove the tip of the wire.

5x Wire snips - £13.90 each - Amazon

Cable cutters - £8.99 - Minotaur Cable Cutter 200mm | Toolstation
Chunkier cutters for bigger bits of cable.

10 pack chisel soldering iron tips - £7.19 - Amazon

10 pack pointed soldering iron tips - £6.99 - Amazon

0.5mm lead free Solder 500g - £66.71 - Rapid Online
As suggested by Mark

Solder reel dispenser - £3.90 - Farnell
To hold the reels of solder

Cable fixing down things - £3.89 - Ebay
The space plan says the Pi cables need fixing down so they don’t go missing. If this is still the case, the above might be useful.

Helping hands - £29.99 - Amazon
We already have a couple of sets of helping hands, but these ones have a few more features and arms, including an LED magnifying glass.

To repair the PS-900 soldering iron, we need the following items:

1 x Metcal PS-CA3 PS-900 Coil Assembly - £32.40 (inc VAT) - Farnell
1 x SFV-CH18AR soldering iron tip - £14.16 ( inc VAT ) - Farnell

Soldering Iron Tip Thermometer - £22.08 - Amazon

Replacement helping hands hand - £1.00 - Farnell

Precision Screwdrivers - £7.19 - Toolstation

Staple gun - £14.99 - Vonhaus
This is actually for the visual arts area, but it saves me making another proposal. I have this model at home and it’s really good.

Proposed Installation:
The existing soldering irons will be audited, any that can’t reach a suitable temperature anymore will be disposed of.

Any other broken tools will be disposed and replaced.

The soldering iron tips will go in a little box on the side by the irons.

£312.27 at current prices, no further consumable costs over and above what we already have.

Funding type:
Fully funded by Hackspace

Health & Safety
No further risks than already.

Medium Proposal < £500 - Majority of Board Members and 10 general members

Supporting Board Members:

  1. Joe Christian
  2. Dominique Tink
  3. Alan G

Supporting Members:

  1. Felix W
  2. Richard
  3. Mark H
  4. Aaron
  5. Rob J
  6. James W
  7. Sam Miller (wasn’t able to get the forum working)
  8. Mark D
  9. Tom H
  10. Tony
  11. Conall

Great proposal, would certainly be useful to have a reliable iron again :smiley:
Got my support.





@DominiqueTink here’s the one!

@Fnhalluk @BunnyGirl if you could have a look at this when you get chance please :slight_smile:


Absolutely all for this :grin:
Board member +1

Board +1






Thanks everyone! That’s all the support I need. I’ll order it all when i’m back after the weekend :slight_smile:

Ordered it all now. I found a box of staplers in visual arts the other night, so left these off in the end.

Should be in the space shortly after easter i think. @bluetin would you like me to put them somewhere for you to set up, or shall i just put them all where it makes best sense?

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