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Mark Dale - WoodyDusty


The woodwork team are looking to standardise the types of hand sanders so that we can better manage consumables and tool maintenance. We currently have a range of different types of hand sander all in various levels of condition which all require different types of sandpaper to work.

What we have:

Type Brand Model No. Comments
Belt Power Craft PBS 720 The tracking roller has a locking nut missing so its not possible to fix in place or adjust
Belt Titan TTB290SDR Needs new belt and bearing
Mouse Black & Decker BEW 230 Type 1
Orbit Blaupunkt OS3000 Wouldn’t turn on, moved to the hack pile in main
1/3” Sheet Workzone BVG-AIRFLO LD3 8LA Wouldn’t turn on, moved to the hack pile in main
1/3” Sheet B&Q? (Unbranded) UBI35WSS Wouldn’t turn on, moved to the hack pile in main
Detail Black & Decker KA 510

We also have a multi-tool knocking about that can have sanding pads fitted to it.

The team has researched what the best all round option would be for our members and have settled on getting a couple Random Orbit sanders. Used along side our bench mounted machines this would give the best range of sanding options to members. For reference the Bobbin sander & Clarke disc sander are both restricted to 80 grit paper where as the Clarke belt sander can have various grits fitted. This article summarises our reasoning best:

Because we expect the orbit sanders to get a lot of use its likely they will need replacing more often than most other tools. As such we’ve chosen to go with a more budget friendly option that is easy to source to reduce costs and make replacing quick and easy. As such the tool itself would become a consumable and be replaced rather than the team attempting to repair them once they break.


This would cover the bulk of sanding work members need to do and for everyday consumables we’d only need to support 5” disc which come in a wide range of grits (40 to 400) and are easy to store. Regular roles of sandpaper would still be consumables for hand sanding and we’d still keep the other sanders that still work like the Detail & Mouse available, but wouldn’t actively support the types of pads they require or replace them when they break.

Proposed Purchase:

The team proposes the space buys two VonHaus random orbital sanders. These can be bought on Amazon or in stores like B&Q and have good reviews vs other budget options.

Change to consumables list:

Addition of Random Orbit Hand Sander. This can only be bought by team members, aim to have at least two working normally. Copying exact branding not critical, but keeping consistent will help us create familiarity with out tools.

Addition of 5” Sanding discs. Grits between 60 & 240 are under £3 for a 10 pack at toolstation. These can be bought by any member as required.

Proposed Installation:

Woodwork hand tool


£73.98 (£36.99 x2)
Currently reduced to £32.99 on Amazon, but its easier to return to B&Q. Normally the two are the same price

Funding type:

Fully funded by Hackspace

Health & Safety

No change to risk assessment


Small Proposal < £150 - 2 Board Members and 5 Members

Supporting Board Members:

  1. Joe

  2. Dominique

Supporting Members:

  1. Mark

  2. Peter

  3. Nathan

  4. Joe

  5. Rob

If you’re not sure how it works from here, basically below you can ask any questions you have, then once you’re happy for the proposal to go ahead you can reply showing your support. This can be as simple as posting “+1”.


Mark (@Marcus6275)





Hi Mark,

Good proposal. I’m guessing these would be stored in the cupboard?

Is the little dust box at the back removable? I’m wondering what work we would need to do in order to adapt it to work with connecting straight up to a vacuum cleaner. There’s no denying that dust is a massive issue in the space and in woody and that these tools will add to that significantly.

Perhaps an adapter could be 3d printed if any of the supporters here are proficient in modelling?

Director +1

The sanders would live in one of the cupboards by the bench sanders. The discs would live in the drawers so they out of the way but easy to access and organise. I’d originally hoped members would see the empty cupboard internals of the units and help propose/build shelves/storage. Currently the existing ones are just dumped in one unit but I’ll look at making a nicer storage shelf for it if nobody beats me to it. Storing them in a unit is mainly for cable management as I can guarantee some members won’t take the time to put it a way neatly which will encourage mess and potentially be a trip hazard

The dust box is removable and a round connector is there which we should be easily able to print an adapter for either the hoover or the dust extraction, another reason for keeping the brand/type consistent is that adapters would then remain the same making that another familiar feature for members. My aim is to create sections of the 40mm hose that can connect to the various hand tools that then connect to the dust extraction at various points (ie. the middle 3-way port at the bench)

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@DominiqueTink likes to be tagged in purchase proposals now days :smiley:

Yes Yes Yes, We do desperately need some good working sanders Mark.

I’m happy to help with building the shelf/ cable management with you :smiley:
Also don’t mind picking up from B&Q if needed just @ meeee!

+1 board

Just to add to this discussion. The proposed hand sander is the same model I have under a different mark ( Tacklife PRS01A-UK | eBay) (at least externally it appears identical). I’ve found it to be decent at a budget price. I have a pipe attached to the back for dust extraction. I’ve used it a lot and it doesn’t cut out from overheating like the ones in the space always do/did.