Purchased! - Large Format Printer Replacement

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Joe Christian

The large format printer has been broken for a while now. I took it apart the other week to take a look and there wasn’t anything obvious going on. What it did show me though is that the printer is fairly modular. You can buy spares and swap them in and out. Spare parts cost between £60-150, but the problem is we don’t know exactly whats broken, so trial and error might be costly.

That evening, i found exactly the same printer as ours, but the 24" model (half size) on ebay with 0 bids. It was in Stockport, so i thought it was destiny and purchased it for £100.

I’m picking it up today, and would like Hackspace to buy it off me.

We would then have the choices:
a) use it as a working large format printer, though it being 24" limits its usefulness for sewing patterns which are usually designed for 48". It would still work for love letter to ficticious bunny rabbits though.
b) take it apart and use its parts to figure out what’s up with the big printer, then scrap/sell the rest as not working.
c) once we know what’s up with the big printer, we can then put the small one back together and buy the exact replacement bits for the big printer. Then keep or sell the small one. Though i think given the cost of ink, having two large format printers might not be the best idea, lest someone decides to set up a print shop in the space.

If hackspace doesn’t wish to purchase the printer, then i guess we’ll have a broken printer, and i’ll sit smuggly at home printing lengthy scrolls of text.

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Note i have already won it.


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Fully funded by Hackspace

Small Proposal < £150 - 2 Board Members and 5 Members

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Joe Christian
Harvey A

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  1. Rob Jackson
  2. Tom H
  3. Cameron W
  4. Mike Hindley
  5. Peter R


See a lot of value in using its bits to diagnose what’s wrong with our 42", else that task could easily become a money pit (part the reason I’d never gotten around to looking at it properly)

Can we make sure it’s working before we buy it?
It seems like the fault is a common problem for these printers, so don’t want to end up with 2 large printers that have the same issue.

Sounds a good plan to me!


I support, hopefully it works

@DominiqueTink pleaseeeee


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Purchased, Installed and working! Thanks everyone.


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