Purchased! - Movable Bandsaw bases - Purchased

Proposal Type:

Mark Dale - WoodyDusty

With Woody Dusty being used more and more, having the flexibility to move some of our larger equipment will help the workshop adapt to our needs. The two bandsaws are somewhat fixed in their positions and require a lot of effort to move.

Currently the Planer/Thickness is on a movable base and it allows users to reposition the machine to suit their needs. I’d like to achieve the same level of flexibility with the bandsaws.

Proposed Purchase:
I’m proposing we buy two of these kits (wood not included) for each bandsaw. Their design includes a pair of large levers that engage the castors, unlike other designs that require a spanner to engage them, these should be more user friendly for members.

Currently these are the cheapest online at Amazon due to the Black Friday sale but even with normal retail prices they’re still the 3rd cheapest.

Proposed Installation:
Both the Green and Red bandsaws in Woody Dusty

£75 - £79 (2x £37.50 - £39.50) Amazon keep changing the price
Non sale price £94.70

Funding type:
Fully funded by Hackspace

Health & Safety
Bandsaw training would cover the movable base. Members already inducted would be made aware of the changes via email, Telegram and forum.

Minor update to risk assessments required:

Small Proposal < £150 - 2 Board Members and 5 Members

Supporting Board Members:

  1. Dominique
  2. Joe

Supporting Members:

  1. Mark - Marcus6275
  2. Mike
  3. Frank
  4. Robert
  5. Conall

If you’re not sure how it works from here, basically below you can ask any questions you have, then once you’re happy for the proposal to go ahead you can reply showing your support. This can be as simple as posting “+1”.

Mark (@Marcus6275)

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I support this. Also it’s only £75 not £79, so the remaining £4 can go towards the little spanner I just bought for the P+T!

+1 ! Great idea :relaxed:

Fixed :grimacing:
I used a calculator when I worked it out as well :man_facepalming:

That price has changed again so it’s £79.00! Bloody amazon.

I also support this. Thanks for making the changes to the risk assessment. I’m not sure quite how we can make it SUPER obvious if the thing is on its wheels, but it does seem like probably one of the biggest risks of using the bandsaw now. Training is great, but i don’t know if there’s something else that can be done. Like attaching a giant annoying flag to the pedal when in the moving position or something. If not, we can just hope that training is what will make it ok. I think it’s probably a 2/5 on the likelihood scale still.

That’s 2 board and 2 members now, so just need 3 more members to pledge allegiance.

We could put a sign on it for a few months with “I’m on wheels now” or something to make people aware. With both saws movable it’ll allow us to have them pushed to the side and stored away when not in use opening up the room so members should start seeing the machine move about often. If you wanted to get really technical a micro switch could be hooked up to prevent switching on if the wheels are engaged, but that would require someone to design and implement.

Changed the price to reflect Amazons fickle prices. Restores some confidence in my abilities with a calculator though :smiley:


Thanks Mark for taking the time to put this proposal together. The bandsaws do require a decent amount of effort to move so this’ll be a welcomed pair of upgrades.

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Can’t wait to wheel those beauties around

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Thanks to everyone for their support. This has now been implemented!

I’ve created a new forum post detailing the changes:

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