Purchased - New clamps for woodwork

Proposal Type:

Peter Roberts - Wood Team/Board

I want to buy Irwin quickgrip clamps because they’re currently 20% off at toolstation and also all our current woodwork clamps are $%£^!@

These would replace the broken clamps in woodwork

With clamps you can attach things together firmly and then release those things later easily.

IRWIN quickgrip clamps are very easy to use and reasonable quality at a nice price point.

Proposed Purchase:
Clamps are basically things we always need so I was planning just to buy a selection of IRWIN quick grip clamps up to £150 limit. Quick grip clamps at toolstation. I can go into exact details if people want.

Currently looking at:
9 x Irwin Quick-Grip Mini 2 Pack 12''/300mm | Toolstation (i.e. 18 clamps)
5 x Irwin Quick-Grip Mini 2 Pack 6''/150mm | Toolstation (i.e. 10 clamps)

Toolstation only have 5 of the smaller ones in stock and I’d like to collect today, hence the odd split.

Total £148.72

Proposed Installation:
The old clamps would be disposed of or kept depending on condition.


Funding type:
Fully funded by Hackspace

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Small Proposal < £150 - 2 Board Members and 5 Members
Medium Proposal < £500 - Majority of Board Members and 10 general members
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Supporting Board Members:

  1. Peter Roberts (@peterdroberts)
  2. Joe Christian (@Josephxtian)

Supporting Members: (delete number as appropriate)

  1. @NathanIsTallAndCool
  2. @edena
  3. @Marcus6275
  4. @Kilfrost
  5. @rjackson
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+1 (member) - I was searching for some quick-grips in the space last week but could only find one odd one, and the other style we have kept slipping on me. :smile:

Intend to discuss exact mix of clamps with wood team before buying and will post here.



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I for one support the new clamping power Manchester Hackspace can now achieve!