Purchased - New cleaning infrastructure

Edit: supported and will order soon! Thanks for the support everyone :heart:

Proposal Type:

Jasmine Streatfield - The Board


I’d like to buy some new cleaning supplies to rebuild/set up v.2 of the cleaning station(s).

Long term, this purchase proposal will eliminate the need to buy pre-made cleaning products from bookers, Costco etc. which are quite costly in comparison to concentrate, and we go through them very quickly. Having reusable cloths and bottles will also eliminate the extra waste created from the pre-mixed solutions and blue roll that gets used for cleaning. A 750ml trigger bottle takes 30ml of cleaner, so each 5L bottle should provide us with 166 full spray bottles! Very cost-efficient and space-efficient! I don’t expect we’ll even get through that in a year either.

Short term, it might be a bit of a learning curve transitioning into using concentrate and a colour-coded system, but ultimately it will be more hygienic as we have both a bathroom and food preparation area so moving over to this system will help to avoid any cross-contamination! I’m hoping that creating mini cleaning stations will help keep things separate and I’ve also created some colourful checklists to go alongside these with reminders of which colour cloths to use. I’m happy to provide any extra cleaning training/information to anyone who would like it… but I can’t imagine that would be a very popular workshop :smiley:

Proposed Purchase:

I will be getting colour-coded mop heads too, but they’re already on the consumables list and therefore not included in this proposal.

Proposed Installation:

All items will be stocked in the bathroom where the current cleaning station is, I plan to clearly label and set up for ease of use by all members to help with the cleaning of the space. I’d also like to set up some mini-cleaning stations in the bathroom, kitchen, and welcome area during the HTSD. These mini-cleaning stations will include colour-coded cloths, a spray bottle, and a dustpan & brush.
Any existing items in the cleaning station will stay there until finished- but when I was in yesterday everything was running low.



(I did also email The Cleaning Warehouse to see if they’d be willing to offer a discount but I won’t hold my breath :smiley:)

Funding type:
Fully funded by Hackspace

Health & Safety

All the chemicals I’m proposing to purchase have Safety Data Sheets online which include identification, uses, details of the supplier, Hazard identification, First aid measures, Firefighting measures, Accidental release measures, Handling and storage, Exposure controls/personal protection, Physical and chemical properties, Stability and reactivity, Toxicological information, Ecological information, Disposal considerations, Regulatory information, and other relevant information.

I am happy to print these out and put them in a folder near the chemicals storage location or create a risk assessment if anyone feels this is necessary – I’m not sure if we have one in place for existing chemicals, we have in the bathroom e.g. bleach.


Small Proposal < £150 - 2 Board Members and 5 Members

Supporting Board Members:

  • Jasmine
  • Peter

Supporting Members: (delete number as appropriate)

  1. Eden
  2. Rob
  3. Nathan (tall)
  4. JC
  5. Markus

Might also be worth having a small notice near the cloths encouraging members to wash and reuse them rather than chucking them in the bin.

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Plus :broom: 1 :soap: member :sponge: vote :toothbrush: for :bubbles: cleanliness :bath:

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Thanks for the support!

And absolutely!! I remember you saying the horror stories of you seeing people throw them away :scream:

On the little cleaning checklists I’ve included to put them in dirty cloth bin and then once a week we can clean them in the dishwasher … Just need to find a little laundry bin for them :sweat_smile:

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well thought out system!

+1 board

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+1 (tall)

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I hope the cleaning colour system doesn’t become confused with the areas of the space colour coding system we’re simultaneously starting :smiley:

On a side note, I don’t personally think it’s the space’s financial responsibility to keep @peterdroberts hands lovely and moist after a hard day’s work. But equally for a one off, I’m not going put too much effort into arguing against it.

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I was thinking that when doing the HTSD post :grimacing:

I will probably Sharpie the location things belong on to items as well just to be double sure :sweat_smile:

By way of explanation, in lots of areas there’s risk of skin conditions from handing materials. I initially requested barrier cream but properly you have three stages of handcare:

  • barrier cream before work

  • soap after work

  • moisturiser after soap

Obviously that’s also what you’d do if you really care about your skin but in workshops there are also lots of materials that can give you contact dermatitis etc.

Jasmine couldn’t find barrier cream at this supplier so I’ll be looking into that.

So anyway I was being slightly facetious talking about peoples’ skin being lovely and soft. Hopefully that will be a benefit but it is also a serious aspect of safety.

People know about suncream and use it but they don’t necessarily know about how to protect against the various irritants in a workshop. Our members are mostly not professionals so I think a little poster in the bathroom making people aware of risks to skin and products available is positive.

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I did find some Deb products on Amazon a while ago, relatively inexpensive, I’ll see if I can dig them out, there were before and after options, so suits the situation…

Rozalex Dri-Guard Original Protection Barrier Cream Tub 450 ml
ROZALEX ROZ-6043281 Wet-Guard Protection Barrier Cream Tub, 450 ml
Rozalex XWORX Reconditioning and Repair After Work Cream Tub 450 ml

Not specifically Deb but same content…

As an FYI, we’ll likely still need blue paper rolls to an extent in metalworking on account of cleaning the machines down, oil tends to load microfibre cloths significantly, and having to wash them then introduces the risk of putting moisture onto the machines, which is something we should really try to avoid to prevent any further advancement of rust…

100%! We’d definitely still need blue-roll for drying hands too and any other tasks that microfibers aren’t up to! I just know I go through a lot of blue rolls when cleaning non-workshop areas.

Just in case it wasn’t clear in my summary: I’m not planning to put microfibre cloths or cleaning stations into workshop areas. just the bathroom, kitchen and general-use areas in the space. :grin:


That’s cool, as I said, just an FYI, I tend to be rather direct in respect of getting technical details across and does somewhat lack emotivity :wink:



For workshop jobs the more eco thing is a box of rags I guess (you can get bags of rags or just use chopped up clothes that aren’t good enough for the charity shop which is exactly the same thing with less steps).

That being said once they’re used and hanging about they can be a significant fire hazard so may be more trouble than they’re worth for us.

(I expect metalwork has already considered this just putting the info here)

You may have already ordered this, in which case ignore me…

I just realised you’ve listed plastic mop buckets. We bought two metal ones for £20 each at the start of the year to replace the plastic mop buckets which kept getting broken/being used for things other than a mop bucket.

If you haven’t already ordered them, i’d suggest buying a third bucket, and three cans of metal spray paint (with etch primer) and colour coding the metal buckets that way. Might be a bit more hardwearing than plastic buckets?

I’ve not ordered it yet! A metal bucket seems like a good idea though, hadn’t thought of spraying them! :slight_smile: Where did we get the other two from?

Like i say, you’ll need an etch primer before the colour coat, because it’s galvanised. Or you could use coloured ducttape which would be easier.

Great, thank you! I will get another one of those then. Only about £5 more than the original proposal total. And duct tape is a good idea! It’s certainly a less messy idea :smiley: