Purchased! Plug lock for Lathe

Proposal Type:

Conall - Woodydusty

A plug lock for the lathe.
This prevents un-inducted users from turning the lathe on, and ensures that anyone who uses the lathe has gone through the proper training procedures.

Proposed Purchase:
Plug lock link

Proposed Installation:
It will be attached to the plug on the lathe. It will be locked using a padlock that we already have.

Item cost (inc vat): £8.20
Shipping: £6.95 (only option annoyingly)
Total: £16.54
Will there be an ongoing consumables cost?

Funding type:
Fully funded by Hackspace

Health & Safety
This is part of the health and safety requirements for the lathe.

Micro Proposal <£50 - 2 Board Members and 2 Members
Small Proposal < £150 - 2 Board Members and 5 Members
Medium Proposal < £500 - Majority of Board Members and 10 general members
Large Proposal > £500 - consult the board before gathering membership support, a strict board majority must be achieved. Large proposals can only be approved at members meetings with majority support from the members present. Proxy votes can be used.

Supporting Board Members:

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  1. Conall

Yooo thanks for this - just a heads up that this almost certainly doesn’t need to be a purchase proposal as it’s a basic safety item replacing some that have broken.

Additionally I’d probably get 3 or 4 as they are useful about the space and it’ll mean the shipping cost goes a bit further :slight_smile:

I guess @Fnhalluk as treasurer would just need to thumbs up the expense?

+1 if it needs one

Ello, I’d also agree we want a fair handful of them since shipping is the main expense here and they’re useful.

As to whether a purchase proposal is needed, it’s a grey area as part of the new system was to make our spending more transparent to everyone, and also make it easier for future members to see what was bought to make reordering the same bits n bobs easier.

Also means if someone has a load sat at home for some reason they’re happy to donate then they have the opportunity.

Regardless of all that, here’s my +1 support.

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This proposal was completed right?

yes done

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