PURCHASED - Replacement Belt for Leather Sewing Machine

Proposal Type:

Tom Howe - Visual Arts

Replacement belt for Leather Sewing Machine as the original has snapped.

What are the benefits? Explain what the issues are and how this proposal overcomes them.

Proposed Purchase:

Propose to buy for £5.75 including postage from here:

(It is possible to buy for £4.43 but that takes an extra week to arrive. Home Leather Treadle Belt Foot Pedal Belt Sewing Machine Accessory Treadle Part | eBay )

Proposed Installation:
I can install

£5.75 one off cost

Funding type:
Fully funded by Hackspace

Health & Safety
No new RA needed, like for like replacement.

Micro Proposal <£50 - 2 Board Members and 2 Members

Supporting Board Members:

Supporting Members: (delete number as appropriate)

  1. Tom Howe
  2. NathanIsTallAndCool


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Board +1 thanks for sorting Tom!

FYI you only need a single board approval for micro proposals now, so please go ahead.

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Thanks, purchased!

FYI @Josephxtian the template text when creating a topic still says “Micro Proposal <£50 - 2 Board Members and 2 Members”.

Replacement belt has been installed. Thanks all!

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