Purchased - Sanding Paper roll holders

Proposal Type:

Joe Christian

We have a few sheet sanders in the wood room. These can work with lengths of sandpaper cut off a roll.

Proposal is to buy 3 toilet roll dispensers, a pair of shears and 3 starter rolls of sandpaper, in grits 60, 120 and 180. They would be mounted onto a piece of plywood I already have.

I would suggest the sandpaper would become a consumable in these 3 sizes. This would have to be approved in the next members meeting to become a consumable.

Buying sandpaper on rolls is far cheaper than buying sheets, so I think it is in the members benefit that the space buys a couple of type on the usual ‘fair use’ basis.

I chose 60, 120 and 180 because anything less than 60 and you should probably use a plane, anything over 180 and you get through sheets too quick and should probably just buy your own.

Proposed Purchase:
Shears - £4.99 - Ebay
Toilet roll holder x3 - £3.74 each - Ebay
Sandpaper rolls x3 -
60 - £4.81 - Toolstation
120 - £4.78 - Toolstation
180 - £4.73 - Toolstation

Proposed Installation:
To be installed on a plank of wood in the wood room on a wall.

£30.53 with ~£5 per roll ongoing consumable costs as the rolls are replaced.

Funding type:
Fully funded by Hackspace

Health & Safety
No greater risks than existing.

Micro Proposal <£50 - 2 Board Members and 2 Members

Supporting Board Members:
Joe Christian

Supporting Members:

  1. Mike Hindley
  2. Dave O
  3. Ed Bray
  4. Mark Heywood
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+1 Agree its a good idea.

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Instead of purchasing the toilet roll holders, I will offer to make the rack for the sandpaper.

Great, thanks all.

Kind offer @bluetin. I was going to get it installed this weekend so it’s all done, useable and out of the way in one shot. Unless you think you can whip something up before then?

@DominiqueTink could I have your nod of approval please?

A Splendid idea guys!
Count me in :slight_smile:

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Purchased, will be installed in the space when the toilet roll holders arrive.

All installed.

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