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Mark Dale - WoodyDusty


We currently have a few tools out of service due to various faults. This list details all the parts needed to restore them to working order. Additional stock are included in the proposal to save time in future.

Pillar Drill

The pillar drill is made by Clarke, model number CDP5DD. Official spare parts are supplied by Machine Mart.

Forum Wiki Page: ~ coming soon ~

Major issues:

  1. Broken switch

The switch is a NVR however the exact type/size I am not sure about as we no longer have it. Buying it from 3rd party on eBay may be a few £s cheaper, however going via Machine Mart should guarantee we get the correct item without any hassle.

Part No. Description Unit £ Qty Supplier
ZHC5067 Switch £14.63 1 Machine Mart

Minor issues:

  1. Missing one of three handles

The machine is currently missing one of the control arms that are used to lower the drill chuck. These arms simply screw into the shaft. While only one set is needed (Handle & Tip), as the price is quite cheap, I’m proposing buying three sets so we have spares for future.

Part No. Description Unit £ Qty Supplier
ZHC5034 Handle £0.84 3 (1) Machine Mart
ZHC5035 Handle Tip £0.82 3 (1) Machine Mart

Changes to consumables:


Belt & Disc Sander

The belt & disc sander is made by Clarke, model number CS4-6D. Official spare parts are supplied by Machine Mart. The machine is on-lone by a member.

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Major issues:

  1. Drive belt snapped

Drive belt for the Sanding Belt has snapped. This seems to be a frequent fault as it has failed twice within a few months, assumed due to members pushing too hard on the sanding belt. One challenge with sourcing parts is Clarke have three variants of this machine each with slightly different drive belts which are easy to mix up when ordering. 3rd party suppliers are available however the price saving is quickly lost when additional shipping costs are accounted for. Only one belt is required, however I’m proposing we buy three to keep stock for future to save on shipping costs.

  1. Broken belt guard plate

The belt guard plate is a thin sheet metal part that covers the internal mechanism of the belt arm. The damage is where a mounting bracket has sheared off and due to the material thickness, this cannot be fixed. Only Machine Mart can supply this replacement. Only one part should be needed, this guard doesn’t have a reason to be removed for normal operation.

Part No. Description Unit £ Qty Supplier
ZPT150XL037 Drive Belt £6.12 3 (1) Machine Mart
ZAWNCS46E94 Protection Plate £9 1 Machine Mart

Minor issues:


Changes to consumables:

  1. Sanding Discs

The disc sander part of the machine has previously had a Velcro pad glued to it allowing for quick change of sanding discs. This Velcro has been destroyed as members have tried to use it to sand. To simplify and avoid this kind of issue in future, the proposal is to revert back to having glued on sanding discs with one standard grit (80) fitted. A pack of 10 discs cost £4.75 from Amazon. This should then be easier for maintainers to replace when it get worn.

Bobbin Sander

The bobbin sander is made by Triton, model number TSPS450. I couldn’t find an official spare parts supplier, however Tool Spares Online appear to have all the parts for Triton tools:(http://www.toolsparesonline.com)

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Major Issues

  1. Drive Belt Snapped

The bobbin sander has two drive belts that control the spindle spin and the vertical movement. The belt controlling the vertical movement has snapped and appears to have a few points of failure starting. The main drive belt appears fine for now. While only one belt for the vertical movement is required, I’m proposing buying three of each belt for future spares and to save on shipping.

Part No. Description Unit £ Qty Supplier
(13) 585529 Belt I (10mm) £5.30 3 (1) Tool Spares Online
(14) 283424 Belt II (6mm) £4.22 3 (0) Tool Spares Online

Minor issues:


Changes to consumables:



Two orders need to be placed, one with Machine Mart and one with Tool Spares Online

Machine Mart

Part No. Description Unit £ Qty
ZHC5067 Switch £14.63 1
ZHC5034 Handle £0.84 3
ZHC5035 Handle Tip £0.82 3
ZPT150XL037 Drive Belt £6.12 3
ZAWNCS46E94 Protection Plate £9 1

Machine Mart have a minimum £9 delivery fee, require payment at order and issue invoice on part delivery. Not sure if ‘Click & Collect’ is possible to reduce this fee as we have a store in Openshaw (M11 1AA) we could collect from.

Total + P&P = £55.97

Tool Spares Online

Part No. Description Unit £ Qty
(13) 585529 Belt I (10mm) £5.30 3
(14) 283424 Belt II (6mm) £4.22 3

Tool Spares Online have a minimum £5.95 delivery fee.

Total + P&P = £34.51

Combined Total £90.48

Funding type:

Fully funded by Hackspace

Health & Safety

No change to Health & Safety


Small Proposal < £150 - 2 Board Members and 5 Members

Supporting Board Members:

  1. Joe
  2. Frank

Supporting Members: (delete number as appropriate)

  1. Mark
  2. Mike
  3. Peter
  4. Guy

If you’re not sure how it works from here, basically below you can ask any questions you have, then once you’re happy for the proposal to go ahead you can reply showing your support. This can be as simple as posting “+1”.

Mark (@Marcus6275)

I support this. Cheers Mark for putting the list together


Thanks for putting this together. I support all of these purchases.

Hiya Mark,

Sounds good to me. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

Board +1




Thank you Mark for all your efforts.


You’ve done a lot for woodworking, thanks on behalf of everyone!

Thanks all, orders placed, will update when machines are operational again.

PSA: don’t ring Machine Mart directly for ordering spares, its a charged line so use the email instead: Machine Mart - Machine Mart

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