There was a ton of discussion happening on telegram about purchasing.

I’m not 100% sure what it was actually about, but it seems like something that should be discussed more formally in a place with more permanence.

So here it is, go nuts talking about purchasing.

We have a purchasing team.

Email buyit@hacman.org.uk.

Team will be responsible for sorting it out or saying why it’s not something the space should buy.

People welcome to join the team.


I’m getting some stuff for the space that seems popular:
Heat shrink - requested by a few
veroboard - couple of requests
wago knockoff connections as they all went
arduino clones for vending machine

Any other things that people would like while I’m ordering from AliExpress? I’ll pass it to Purchasing and once they’re good with it I’ll order.

ok, just beware some of the veroboard coming out of china can be poor quality for soldering.
rapidelectronics or similar might be a better bet if we are intending on selling it on.

Ah thanks for the heads up Ben. I suppose I had thought the veroboard could be free for dirty prototyping. But we could sell it in which case it makes sense getting nice stuff.

Would you prefer it was sold at cost but good quality? I’m not sure if I have had to use the cheap stuff so can’t comment either way.

I have a load of verobard in my car to donate to the space. I will try and drop it off on the way home later


Sorry for the late reply.

I think some values of resistor need more stock. If I remember right, I was looking for something around the 200 Ohm range, and a lot of trays seemed to be empty.

Is it worth putting some screws on there?
There are no M2s in the space and even boxes with M3 upwards just have the nuts but no bolts.

Good idea!