Quiet time at hackspace on Thursday

Hey all,

The hackspace is partaking in some sound recording for an audio company on Thursday 13th October from 9am until roughly 5pm.

The audio company will be working with our member Mike to record different workshop sounds for their library, and therefore background noise should be reduced where possible. The space will still be accessible but we ask that you minimise noise and don’t decide to start making a Damascus steel katana or cutting 100 sheets of plywood on Thursday daytime.

The audio company are donating money to invest in the space in return for the days use.

Everything will be back to usual by late afternoon/evening.

Get in touch if you have any questions, queries or qualms.

Joe with a director hat on.


I meant to ask earlier, how much did the space make from this in the end? :slight_smile:


Just incase there’s more enquiries in the future about this sort of thing, we’re classing this as commercially sensitive. But i’ll message you on telegram and anyone else is also welcome to ask me privately. @josephxtian