Raspberry Pi - Tingbot

Hi I’m Phil, I’m a member of a design group called NORD
http://www.nordcollective.com/ collective. We’re a bunch of
hackers/makers/coders from across the UK who come together to work on
various projects together.

Projects we have worked on so far include Mixim https://getmixim.com/, a
software tool for remote collaboration between artists and musicians,
and Passive
Smoking Machine http://nordcollective.com/passivesmokingmachine.html, a
fun interactive installation we built for the London Design Festival.

I now want to share with you our most exciting project yet, Tingbot

Tingbot is a kit product that is built around the Raspberry Pi. For those
unfamiliar with the Raspberry Pi, it’s a small business card-sized computer
and was designed to make coding and technology accessible to all, lots of
people bought into the dream of Raspberry Pi, but few people have really
created anything that brings out its full potential, and more often than
not, they’ve been living in drawers since.

So we made Tingbot, an internet-connected product that lives in your home
or on your desk. We’ve built our own custom hardware and software to
transform your Raspberry Pi into a platform for creative applications. A
way to make fun things, get coding and share amazing, inventive and novel
apps. It comprises a custom PCB and touch screen, programmable push
buttons, bespoke case design and our own OS and development environment.

Whether you’re new to code or an experienced developer, we believe Tingbot
has something to offer everyone; anyone who wants to experience the fun and
joy of being creative with technology. You can design graphics, draw,
connect to simple data feeds and make fun interactive apps. Use the touch
screen to make a doodle pad or make the programmable buttons control a
robot. You’re free to make anything. We even built our own software to give
you the tools to do so, making it easy to write your own apps and send them
straight to Tingbot without any fuss. Even I’ve managed to make a few
Tingbot apps and I don’t even know how to code!

We want to open Tingbot up to anyone who wants to experience the fun and
joy of being creative with technology…

We’ve just launched our project on Kickstarter
we hope to make our goal so that we can go into production to get Tingbot
out there to the rest of the maker community.

I’d like to thank you all for taking the time to read about our project and
we welcome any feedback you would have. Check out our campaign, share with
with your friends, and if you really like it - grab yourself a Tingbot :slight_smile:

You can drop us an email here hello@tingbot.com.



07919 256 379