Re: farnell order (the 2018 thread #1)

It looks like I will be putting in an order tomorrow by 19:00, so let me
know by 19:00 on the 21st.

Can I please order:

2314947 - PDT0982 - CARVER, DOUBLE ENDED
2444535 - D02331 - MINI ARCHIMEDES DRILL
2502097 - MPTSP1 - Straight Probe, Single Ended, Stainless Steel, Needle
Tip, 150mm


I’m going to assume 1 of each.

If this is still going:

5 x
10 x (which I assume are the same as the ones from the previous order?

I might do another early next week, we’ll see.

Cool no hurry.

I’ve added the two items to my next order, which might be done for next

Does anyone require anything from Farnell. I have ordered some incorrect parts so need to place another order today. I will be placing the order around 18:00 - please can anyone who wants anything please respond before then.