Re: farnell order (the 2018 thread #1)

Order going in tomorrow around 5pm. Let me know by then if you want anything.

Can I get one of these:

Order Code: 1929741

How does this work? Do I transfer you money or something?

yes, added.
pay via cash/paypal/monzo on delivery

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I’ve finally got the order through, where shall I leave the part tomorrow evening?

Hi Ben,

I could come to the space tonight and pick it up if you’ll be there. What sort of time if so?

What’s your PayPal address?


I should be there from around 7pm tonight.

I won’t be able to make it tonight actually.

I’m not very familiar with the space so can you leave it somewhere you think is acceptable and let me know please?

Also send me your paypal deets and I’ll get it paid.


I’ve left n top of the metal lockboxes.
Paypal is

Thanks Ben. Paid just now.


Hi, could you tell me exactly where you left the transformer pls? Had a look the other day, couldn’t find it. Cheers.

it was in a padded bag on top of the grey metal locked boxes by the internal fire door (next to the vacum former)