Recommended Dev boards

Hi all

I was wondering if you could give me a bit of advice with regard to development boards.

Currently I am using various Arduino boards and I would like to move up to more flexible and powerful solutions. Has anybody worked with the mbed platform and the nucleo boards or some of the ones from NXP or to?

Many thanks for your suggestions.


I have used mbeds and found them to be very good. The community is not as
well established but its growing all the time. The mbed processors are much
more fully featured with a faster clock, higher bit rate adc and more comms
ports. By extension its a bit harder to use.

I haven’t used the St nucleo range but haven’t heard anything bad.


I have been using the Neucleo F031K6, as I have an intended target of an
STM32F030K6 device and they’re fairly close.
The board itself is fine, but i’m using a bare linux dev environment so
can’t say anything about the windows tools.
The onboard stlink-v2 seems to work fine under linux.

In general, the STM32 boards seem to be much of a muchness. The ST ones tend to have embedded ST-Links which work fine, and the Olimex ones tend to have JTAG or SWD ports which are easy to link to.

I’m a bit of an STM32 junkie though :smiley:

dear all,

many thanks for your responses.

sounds all good.


The latest LPCXpresso (I think v2) supports CMSIS-DAP which means it can be used with openocd

Although I admit I’m seeing a lot of STM32’s used in open source projects.
Probably because it can be used with STLink as a cheaper SWD debugger / uploader
One of the things on my todo list is to get Visual Micro working with mbed

If you like the arm micros after playing with the STM-32s then the black magic probes are a nice cheep debugger and programmer. That works with GDB

hi richard and michael,

thanks for your suggestions.

this helps.