Resin 3D printer inductions

So given we will be getting an Resin 3D printer I want to run inductions with a few volunteers once we are out of tier 3 or if the board will approve. However for the first batch of inductions. I want to try and induct people who will be able to provide inductions them selves once inductions are open again and are able to experiment with the machine.

Ideally looking for someone who can/know:

  • Know their way around a slicer
  • Willing to experiment with their own prints
  • Who can help by producing a series of induction videos
  • Who will accept that we will be finding out issues and can solve problems

Eventually I would like the induction to be on Moodle with some videos on how to do preparation, prints and cleaning procedures for the prints and the printer. This is mainly because in person inductions may be tricky for the first part of 2021 at the very least but by spring and summer it will be possible.

Happy to help when this is back up and running! I don’t often see messages over the forum but my telegram user is @eddcooke.