Risk assessments: safety-related to-dos arising (list)

Doing the risk assessments has made me realise we have some small jobs to do to ensure equipment is safe(r). Please feel free to add to this running list:

Spring-loaded chuck keys for lathe(s) TOO EXPENSIVE
Non-slip mats for machine tools in metal DONE
Chuck guards for all pillar drills HALF DONE (ONE IS AN ODD SIZE)

To do:
Fix metal bandsaw. Develop induction quiz (as test)
Induction quiz for metal/wood rooms. (IN PROGRESS)
Chain chuck keys to all pillar drills. (WAS ALREADY DONE)

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Todo: add interlock switches to all doors on the laser cutter(s)

Space heaters should be in fixed positions with similar boost timers to that installed on the ‘fresh air’ fan by the door.

This one is on our insurance:
“It is a condition precedent to the Company’s liability in respect of Damage by fire lightning and explosion that the electrical systems at the Business Premises of the Named Insured is inspected every five years by a certified IEE / NIC / EIC electrical contractor and any defects identified by that inspection be rectified immediately a record of such inspections shall be kept which shall be produced to The Company on request.” I don’t know if we’re already sorted on this point, since we moved in in 2019.

@Ben_Dooks ? Or even @Ben_Dooks1

Good shout.

Let’s just bin the space heaters tbh. They’re nothing but trouble and now we are heading into summer the mill’s heat inertia will keep us going whie we work out a sustainable plan.

Can get industrial wall mounted fan heaters if need be next winter.

To do:


Restock First aid kits and distribute them around the space better rather than all being by entrance. My personal project box is filled with first aid supplies, i’ve just had zero time to sort through the boxes.

Create Risk assessment/Health and Safety File - ring binder with plastic sleeves to be stored in some sort of wall mounted holster by the main entrance. I’m imagining this will be pulled out for all future inductions just so we can make sure members have all seen it.

I can print off all the RAs that are completed. I’ll need to pop into Wilkos one day for the rest, unless anyone has a spare ring binder, ~40 plastic sleeves and some folder dividers.

They’re cheap, but I will have a ring binder at home I can bring tonite

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todo: print manuals for tools/machinery where we have them and make them obviously accessible (already done in some cases)

Buy plug locks x4 (bandsaws, mitre saws) (DONE AND FITTED)

Heat press:

  • Buy heat-proof gloves for moving items into and out of the heat press
  • Set up a “cooling area” for just-pressed items (make hazard clear, and minimise risk to bystanders)

Have you done this Rob? There’s a fair few pairs knocking around in weldy that you can borrow for now