RSPB pin box

Is there any interest in having a RSPB fundraising pin box in the space? I have a couple of their pins and they’re pretty rad!

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I love the pins!
Would pop a few bob in next time I’m in sure. We would want any cash box to be fairly secure and central so people don’t try and hack it :rofl:

We could also have a sign up in the mill so other people in the building would know they could pop by for a pin?

They’re great. aren’t they? I reckon it could live somewhere in the bench area? The box shouldn’t have that much money in it at any time, the ones I’ve seen in the wild have 30ish pins tops, so even if people donate £2 (twice the suggested amount) it won’t have more than £60. Also the RSPB people will be coming to empty/restock pins.

We would have to give a bit of thought about them coming in to collect it.

May require an access code being issued to them.

We could make a dispenser on the black door which leads to the stairs :sweat_smile: insert coin and get a random badge!

Coin slot and dispense chute on the other side so mill users can get one too!