Safety specs donation


I have 348 top spec new and packaged dewalt saftey glasses to donate to the space from our friends at Bristol Hackspace.

My plan was to bin all the scratched ones in the space, and fill the little holsters in woody dusty with these. I don’t think there’s a PPE holster in steely grindy yet though.

The rest of the boxes should then be stored somewhere. If anyone has any suggestions as to a good location? In the toilet on top of the lockers?

Let me know if anyone has a problem with this donation otherwise I’ll drop it off on Sunday or Monday.

Nothing to do with me running for the board and definitely not a bribe :sweat_smile:



Joe – that’s amazing. Thanks for sorting this.

We should get one of those PPE racks for metal, definitely. There’s space in member’s storage for “board” items. I think it’s the “dead” corner if you know what I mean. There would be good.


Awesome donation, thank you. I’ve grabbed some pairs for cnc and electronics soldering stations.

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