Salvaged Power Supplies

Ok so as part of the cleanup we’ve salvaged some server power supplies. I’ll put these on a shelf

2 X Dell A717P-00 717W
240V 10A
12Vsb 2.75A
12V 57A

2 X DELL Z670P-00 670W
240V 8.3A

2 X DELL A870P 870W
240V 12A
12Vaux 1.5A
12.1V 70.4A

1 x DELL D500E-S0 500W
240V X 7A
12V 41.6A
12VSB 1.6A

2 x DELL D717P-S0 717W
240V 10.5A
12V 57A
12VSB 2.75A

1 x 600W ATX PSU

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