Saturday 25th February 2023 | Community Hack-the-Space Day!

Hi everyone.

As part of our commitment to have more frequent Hack-the-space days, we’ll be hosting another on Saturday 25th February, with some roll over onto Sunday 26th for outstanding tasks.

There’s a list below of tasks, but by all means feel free to begin them before the day. Funding is available through the usual purchase proposal system.

What is a Hack the Space day :question:
It’s a day where members come together to improve the space and meet other folks. This could be by fixing, building, cleaning, or generally improving the unit. We plan what needs to be done beforehand (see below) and there is usually one or two people on the day assigning jobs.

What do I need to do :question:
Turn up on the day with a can-do attitude and a decent breakfast inside you. If there are particular jobs you’d like to do, you can discuss in this thread.

Do I really have to come in for a whole day :question:
No. Even a couple of hours is really helpful. We’ll likely be working from 0900ish to late (2300ish) with some possible spillover into Sunday.

Will there be perks :question:
As well as the warm and fuzzy feeling you’ll get from making the Hackspace a better place, there will be pizza provided at lunchtime for those helping out. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other makers.

:blue_car: Tip drivers wanted
HTS days typically generate a lot of rubbish. If anyone is prepared to do a few runs to the tip in their car or van, that would be really useful.

:safety_vest: To-do list (work in progress)
Suggest items in the discussion and they can be added in.


  • Check we have all the supplies we need.


  • Creation of PPE shadow boards for each area - Joe (@josephxtian) has made a start.
  • Creation of Cleaning supply shadow boards for each area - Joe has made a start.
  • Reshuffle of snackspace - reorganise worktop, create shelf under the counter, move power cables away from the kettle, install new self service card reader. See separate thread
  • Tidy up/decorate ‘messy sink/kitchen’ area.
  • Creation of a sign highlighting ‘messy sink/kitchen’ area
  • Addition of strike plate emergency exit to front door. (We already have the parts for this - speak to Connor - @Cone

Visual Arts

  • Reshuffle and audit of visual arts (TBC by pending VA team)


  • Finish router table in woodwork
  • Making list of parts requiring replacement/nearly out of stock.
  • Clear out the large pieces of wood in the CNC Room
  • Sort out the scraps pile, removing all the crappy scraps.


  • Tidy and organise hand tools - creating shadow board and making list of parts requiring replacement/nearly out of stock.
  • Cutting scaff poles to sizes for the new metalworking bench @mikeh leading


  • Audit large project storage and remove offending projects
  • Declutter regular members’ storage area
  • Install new shelving.


  • Install new kitchen in snackspace - @peterdroberts is leading this.
  • Clean and tidy bathroom
  • Update the notice board area.
  • Sort through unlabelled boxes in the space, checking if the space needs the items, and labelling the box if so. Not for personal objects, more for random boxes of wires etc.
  • Fix (or form a plan to), bin or sell broken things.
  • Create pool table top and fix bits and bobs on pool table.
  • Fix electronics drawers back to wall behind to they can’t topple over.
  • Add A4 snap frame to inside of front door.
  • Sort out first aid kits.

No objections here, @mikeh (this doubling as a forum test post as requested)! Looking forward to my first helping out on one of these.

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I’m gonna make some little posters for this and pin them up tonight. If anyone wants to do this going forward and has even the vaguest sense of graphic design, that would be cool. I’m useless.

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Sorry for the late reply on this. It’s half term and my wife’s ben away. So I’m gonna be around afternoon evening and can do anything required of me. This can range from scrubbing the toilet to ‘running’ things and delegating jobs.

I sense that the kitchenette is the ‘big’ job on the day, am I right?

It’s a big job. I’m making a big noise about it because I’m trying to build a team of helpers so it doesn’t suck up 100% of the usual suspects’ time. There are other big jobs in that list that haven’t been officially claimed by anyone yet.

@Josephxtian the sizes of pipe needed for the bench are

6 legs @0.9m
2 long rails @2.2m
6 cross pieces @0.9m
2 shelf supports @1.1m

consistency is key really, so pieces of the same length have to be as close as poss. If that’s 10mm over/under, it’s not a big deal as long as they all match. And all pieces need clean ends. Some of that stuff under the stage was a bit scabby/bent/dented, so that wants cutting off.

I also have two bits at home — about 7ft and 9ft, which I’ll try and bring in. Compltetly forgot I had them

Great, thanks Mike.

Im also happy to try emailing the metal company if you give me a list of the connectors we need as well.

I can do that, but my basket got deleted and it’s a bit of a PITA to go through again. But I will do!