Scrap Electronics

Hi All, I’ve not actually been down to the space in Manchester, I keep
meaning to come down from Stockport one open evening but never quite get
round to it…

Anyway! On to what this email is about. In about 5 - 6 weeks or so I will
be looking to get rid of more than 100KG of scrap electronics including : -

8 or 9 Old but unused 900 - 1000VA socomec UPS units (missing batteries)
assorted circuit boards
some ancient laptops
a few LCD displays - damaged
various cables
assorted components
one large CRT tv
PC and laptop motherboards
various power supplies
a huge pile of old pagers
some old mobile phones
screws, washers, nuts, bolts, other sundry bits and pieces.

Question is, would you be interested in any of this for the space?

Jon W