Sewing Machine Induction - Wednesday 1st March 18:30

Just incase people don’t frequent telegram, I’m running a sewing machine induction tomorrow, Wednesday 1st March at 18:30.

It’ll be a basic run through of how to use a sewing machine and some of the equipment we have in the space. It won’t cover the old old singer machine nor the overlocker.

Let me know if you’d like to attend.

I’m doing a laser induction at 6, but if I finish in time I’ll join this please. Familiar with a few brands of sewing machines so shouldn’t take up much time with questions!

They’re likely to overlap somewhat. If Oli is OK to delay a bit we can do that, otherwise if you have some sewing machine experience already then that should speed things up, as I believe Oli does not.



Ah okay, I’m showing a new member round at 7, so don’t think I’d be able to push back. I’ll find another time if it doesn’t work out!