Shelves in Woody Dusty

I’d like to request permissions to put up some shelves in the woody dusty area next

  • about 5ft 4 inches up
  • Along 2 walls
    The one with the tools on, on the left hand side (where the pillar drill / chop saw is etc)
    The one along the back wall, where the pipe sticking through the wall is

We already have the flat bits of wood in the pile, and making up brackets is no problem
so we already have all the bits to do it, I just need permission if that’s okay

If it were up to me, I’d say “go for it” since shelving always sounds good; but someone with a better idea of if this will cause issues in the area should probably weigh in. At this rate I’m going to feel like I have to build you a garlic bread making machine in thanks for all the effort you’re putting in :smiley:

So far after speaking with Chris we’ve only been able to agree on the back wall
(the one in the woody dusty area that’s a brick wall with a pipe sticking through)
so we’ll focus on that first
I’ve mentioned to my dad that we need to make sure it’s reachable by people that are 5ft or so

So this will probably result in

  • Filling in the recess / gap where the brickwork goes in with a small shelf at bench / table level, since that’s just a gap at the moment
  • Another shelf all the way across at about a foot higher than the main table.
  • The brackets will be sufficiently over engineered that we can put whatever we want on
  • we might make the shelves in an L bracket form so that they have a wooden backing to add additional strength


  • We’re planning on redoing the cabling on the first light closest to the door because we’ve got some plastic tube to fit it down now
  • A couple of hooks to hang boiler suits on
  • A clasp to fasten the ladders to so we can close the 2nd door