Show and Tell - EOY 2022

Hey all,

We’re all making stuff all the time at the space, so I thought it would be nice to share what we’ve been up to this year.

If you’re happy to be featured on our Instagram, that’d be fab too, we can tag your account in the post.

Here’s to next year!

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This year I did a fair bit of sewing, and I’m happy to say I got better and faster at it too.

Most recent project was a fleece lined watermelon poncho and then a matching laptop sleeve from the leftovers.

The poncho was basically a doughnut shape cut out of some pink fabric, and sewed to a blanket cut the same. The laptop sleeve still needs a zip sewing on to complete it.


Great poncho, never heard of an insulated poncho before but it sounds ideal for outdoor festivals!

I made a new workstation/desk thing. It’s a desk with Ikea pegboard on both walls and a set of shelves to the right, which I’ll put my 3D printer and computers on when I get the shelves varnished.

Not much of it was actually made in the space as I couldn’t easily get the timber there and back, but I did make a dowel drilling rig with the woodwork room’s pillar drill, and then used that to line up all the holes.

You can put these on Instagram if you like. I don’t have an account there.

Let’s keep this going in 2023! Maybe not in this thread, but everyone should feel free to post their projects if they want - even if they’re unfinished, or you think they’re boring!


I’ve been making shirts


I made my first table in the hackspace, just after getting bandsaw and mitre training (never used those before, although I am partial to a circular saw)


I’m loving these! Maybe we could all wear Jack’s shirts and sit round Harvinder’s table on my chair (seat due Xmas 2023 depending on level of motivation)

Fully hand carved from green ash.


For me it was my birdcam that uses machine learning to detect when a bird was in view and then take a photo using the Pi HQ camera. I had a great time with it and got some really special shots of birds in the garden.

Because it was automatic I could leave it out in the day and come back to some cracking shots.

I did a write up here