Showing fellow Maker from Jordan around? - 21st May

Hi All,

We’ve had this email from someone from Jordan in the Middle East. They’re interested to have a look at our space while they’re visiting the UK. Is anyone willing to show them around? I can put you both in touch if so.


My name is Diana, a designer and a maker in CHub makerspace in jordan. I’ll be visiting London by the end of the month and was wondering if there is a possibility to visit the place, know how you operate and discuss ways of collaboration .

Can I visit on the 21st?



Bring stickers

Well currently no one has offered to meet them, so they’re unlikely to be coming along at all.

I can meet them and look at the space with them on the 21st, so please feel free to put me in contact with them. My preferred method is email ( and please let them know Arteth is my name.
I don’t feel like I can ‘speak for HacMan’ about any collaboration, because I feel like I’m still just getting to know the space. But I am happy to discuss that with them, if they still want to visit.

Great, thanks Arteth.

I’ve cc’d you into an email.