Snackspace Kitchen Upgrade - HTSD - Volunteers needed

Hack the Space Day is coming up on Saturday 25th February. One of the tasks on the list is to upgrade the current Snackspace area. If anyone has DIY kitchen fitting experience this would be a great job to take on for the day, please let us know if you’re willing to help.

Currently Snackspace has drink making facilities, a mini oven and a microwave. There is a dishwasher and sink around the corner, but this is referred to as ‘the messy sink’ by some, and is used for rinsing paint pots etc.

To avoid crossing things we use to eat with solvents etc. we should really install a sink in the snackspace area.

There are also a lot of extension leads hanging around where liquids can be spilt on them.

The Plan
Upgrade the existing worktop to a wipeable kitchen style surface.

Install a shelf below the counter, move microwave, dishwasher and oven to shelf.

Install sink in top of counter and plumb into water pipe running above room. Install drainage to draining point behind wall.

Bonus goal - Install shelf above counter for cutlery, crockery and mugs.

Things needed
Plenty of this stuff can be found for free or cheap, if we can get a list of what needs buying, a purchase proposal can be made in advance of the HTS day.

  • Sink able to be built into countertop - plenty on facebook marketplace for <£10
  • Kitchen Worktop - 2x 2m lengths. tend to be plenty floating around for free/cheap
  • Some shelf material - either wipeable kitchen worktop or plywood, depending on what we can find.
  • Water pipe and fittings?
  • Silicon filler for sealing sink

Anyone willing to take this on? We had about 30 members turn up for the day last time, so there’ll be no shortage of helping hands, we just need someone with some kitchen knowledge to lead on this - figure out what pipes we need to buy etc.

If you don’t fancy this one, theres plenty more tasks looking for volunteers over on the main thread:
Saturday 25th February 2023 | Community Hack-the-Space Day!

I’ll help. I have experience at the majority of this and any I don’t I need to learn. Also I have some serviceable units I’m trying to offload from my old kitchen if those would be of interest.

Just to be clear, keep looking for the things JC said. In particular I’m unlikely to be able to provide the worktop and sink. I’ll confirm exactly what I can contribute mid february. Am very busy with my own kitchen renovation at the moment.

Please check The Space Plan (pinned on the main Telegram chat) under SnackSpaceLong term for details about the other drainage point and previously discussed ideas. A combination of the two might work well.

Also this which we use at work, located above the sink:

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Genius! Looks like an easy laser cutter jobbie for someone.

Sorry Frank, i forgot to look at the space plan (doh!)

Drying rack cupboard above sink
Second sink location suggestion - in alcove between fire exit doors and sofa area. Drain point behind sofa.

If we can source enough worktop we could have the area next to the soda fridge as a meal prep/heating area, and the area by the sink as the sink and dishwasher area, i’ll take some photos and measurements tonight when i’m in the space.

Happy for you (Peter) and your team to make the choice as to which point is easier to discharge to.

Posting these ‘before’ photos kindly taken by @SyntheticRabbit

I took some measurements last night of the two potential kitchen areas, to help us size some worktops.

I’m thinking of emailing some kitchen supply companies to see if they’re ripping out any kitchens soon and can donate a couple of worktops, unless anyone has any better ideas? If anyone frequents freecycle, or are in active local facebook buying and selling groups it could be worth asking. No one in Beswick has ever had their kitchen redone!!

I think I might have found a nice and simple free kitchen.

It’s 2 worktops, one 2150mm and one 2980, so plenty for us. It also comes with a sink, 2 units and some random drawer thingies. One of the worktops has a cut out for a sink.


Looks great to me!

Ta da.

The sinks in one of the units

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