Social Media Strategy && Insta volunteers

Social Media Strategy

We currently use social media to field questions and occasionally put out updates. Now we have an updated website, and considerably updated physical space, it’s time we used social media to drive more members to the space which is something it needs.

This thread can be a working document for our social media strategy

I’ll split this up into aims, which are all draft! I’m trying to keep them SMART but we don’t have to be too rigid about it.

Feel free to tweak, or add your own below! Please do :smiley:

Aim 1
To raise awareness of Hackspace Manchester on Facebook and Instagram, and driving traffic to our website landing pages, which in turn will result in 5 people visiting the member sign-up system over the next quarter.

My experience so far is that the people we want to reach are on Facebook and possibly Instagram (though I don’t use Instagram so can’t say). They don’t know we exist, and should become aware of the space. People on Twitter seem to know about the space already so this could be used for updates and fielding questions to people reaching out to us.

Aim 2
To provide a human response to 90% of questions sent in on social media (Twitter Facebook Instagram) within one day over the next quarter.

People like quick responses especially given emails haven’t been answered over the last few months.

Social media volunteers:
We currently have @BunnyGirl fielding questions on Facebook and me on Twitter but we could do with someone to lead on Instagram. Ideally someone with an Instagram account and an idea of how it works.
If you’d like to do that, please reply below!

For aim 1: it could be worth publicising it at UoM - most of the engineering students study on north campus, not too far from the space.

There’s a fair bit of resentment over the lack of access to facilities for students - in the past there were even signs in the common rooms reminding students they can’t solder in them, but there was a hackspace round the corner (one of the reasons I joined the space!).

That’s surprising the uni isn’t so hugely supportive of things like soldering inside.

That’s a great idea.

Do you think that posters would work? If you have access to the uni that would be a great way to put up some posters.

Once freshers week comes around I’ll see if they’re still doing the engineering fair, and if you want a stall I’ll ask.

As for posters, if you have a template for it let me know. The best way may be to post in their facebook group, which I should be in as of september! There are a few societies who may also be interested in sharing - EEESoc would be a good shout.

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I’m happy to help with social media probably from September though. I have quite a few ideas

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That would be great Hannah! :slight_smile:

When you’re good to go let me know :slight_smile:

Just thought I’d follow up and say if you’re still game for this you’re very welcome to. I can add you to the Facebook and Instagram management tool. I think I’ll need your Facebook or Instagram handle to add you. Feel free to message me that privately here or on telegram @coneconecone :slight_smile: