Software Freedom Day 2011 in Manchester

Dear all,

Manlug are teaming up with MFS for September for the below event.

Any assistance anybody can render please let me know.

Unfortunately I will be unable to attend due to previously arranged

Many thanks


PS, please feel free to repost on any lists.

Thanks Daniel.

LUGs around the UK and the rest of the world are running a SFD event on
Saturday, 17th September. From Rugby LUG in
the UK to Beijing LUG in China. See them all
at .

There is an event in Manchester too and we need your help. The event is
being run to inform people about Free Software who currently know very
little or nothing about it.
So you can help in at least two ways:

  1. Encourage people to come to the event who might be interested in
    learning more about Free Software.

  2. Help out on the day by:
    a) Informing new people about the Free Software you run and why you
    like Free Software.
    b) Handing out leaflets around Manchester.

MFS Chair.