Space 3.14 - Update on Build and Move

Quick update where we stand with the build out and move of the current space to the new space

Current Status

We have very nearly completed the clearout of the new unit to allow for the build process to take place. There are still a couple of tasks that need to be done which will be incorporated into the build 4 day weekend on the 19th - 22nd of April. Details of the Big Build Weekend can be found in the next couple of Paragraphs

Big Build Weekend

The next major works to the new space will take place over the 4 Day Easter Weekend starting from 12pm on Friday 19th and from 11am on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday during this weekend we will be working to achieve the following:

  • Build Walls of Woody Dusty, Toilet and Graphics Area (6 Walls in total)
  • Paint Selected Walls
  • Clean the walls in the Classroom
  • Clean Fridges
  • Sort Fire Doors
  • Extraction for Laser
  • Building of Benches/Tables for selected areas e.g visual arts, electronics
  • Adding a door to a wall
  • Tip Runs

There will be other jobs too the above is just a selection, some will be allocated to people based on previous conversations others will operate on a pick something and do it system. Also please ensure your on the doodle poll for the weekend (see link below) so that we can plan works accordingly

Moving Weekend

Once the build has taken place on the 19th - 22nd We will use the weekend of the 27/28 to fit infrastructure like electrical system and ethernet etc the weekend after this (4th - 6th of May) will be the move weekend. We have brought this forward to allow us to take advantage of the saving of rent to go towards the build out of the new space. This will be a structured move and more information will be available soon. Nothing should be moved to the new space prior to this without the approval of the Build and Move subcommittee or the board this is for a few reasons including insurance

During the move there will be some changes to open evenings, access to tools and equipment and access to the space itself the DRAFT timeline below outlines these but they are subject to change at the moment however:

  • Open Evenings canceled to the general public on the 1st and 8th of May. The 1st of May members will be invited to come along and help pack up the space that evening. The Open Evening normally run on the 8th of May will be for Members only as this will be the first chance to see the new space with the move completed
  • From 23:59 on Wednesday 1st May until 17:00 on Wednesday 8th May the Spaces will be closed to all members except those assisting with the Move. This is to allow time for teams to get areas packed up, equipment where required to be disassembled for the move and time to get areas set back up once we’ve moved. We will have a formal reopening of the space for members on the 8th of May from 17:00.
  • Open Evenings on the 15th and 22nd will go ahead but will not be advertised. This is to give us dry runs at creating a new tour format and to allow time for the no doubt new space teething problems to occur and be rectified We will then have the first official new open evening on the 29th of May following our presence at Makefest where the new space will be advertised heavily

Donations for the Move
As asked for by several people we have started a Fundraising campaign to raise some funds that will help meet the cost of the build out process for the new space: The Funds raised will go towards (not an exhuastive list) the following:

  • Cost of building walls
  • Carpeting/Flooring of areas
  • Electrical Costs including purhcase of additional lighting
  • Access Control Costs
  • Painting of Areas
  • Additional equipment like Spray Booths and T-shirt Heat Presses
  • Fit Out of Classroom/MultiPurpose Area

Funds will be used based on priority e.g its more important we build walls than for instance Painting an area and unless you specify we will treat your contribution as a general contribution to the costs incurred in the fit out process.

You can donate in 2 ways - one visit the Hackspace Fundraising page on our website (This will go live in the next day or so) or you can donate via BACS just contact the board for info.

Its not all monetary donations though we understand you might not be able to donate financially but time and equipment (see the previous wishlist post) will also help make a difference to building the new space and we are grateful to everyone that helps in there own way!

Please update the doodle with your availability for any of the dates we need people, this helps us organise and plan numbers.