Space 3d printers

As many members know the 3d printers we have at the space are a few years old, and a few of us have machines at home which are equal in capabilities for not much.

So thinking that it would be nice to improve the 3d printing capabilities of the space. However wondering what other members would like to see in an improved printer. For example:

  • Would you like to see a new printer with an larger build area
  • Multi extruder printer that can handle different materials (support)/colour printer would be an better option.
  • Would auto levelling be a nice addition

Personally a multi extruder printer would offer a nice upgrade however want to know what other members think. As depending on the feed back I may run a pledge drive to either build a new core x/y printer from scratch or to go with a prebuilt printer. At the moment just want to get thoughts together from people

If we decided to pledge run a new one, a delta might be nice
The one I have at home is a Anycubic linear plus

The only downside to it on mine was one of the PCB traces on the power supply was a bit thin and got overloaded
(leading to me replacing a couple of caps and the trace with a thick wire after it went bang)

  1. The controller can be upgraded to a duet wifi board (32bit) -
  2. It has an autoleveling probe
  3. there’s a ton of upgrades you can print for it on thingiverse, I’ve listed some below -
  4. I get the feeling the speed is a lot faster than the one in the space


Typically with Delta’s you do 2 kind of autoleveling
G32 - this tries to work out if the bed or any of the pillars are tilted at an angle to compensate
G29 - traditional mesh bed level autoleveling


I don’t necessarily propose we use PEI for a space printer as I remember Greg mentioning that the current bed is setup for low maintenance which is fair enough.
the anycubic comes with one of those black stickers by default

Although the setup I’ve currently got involves some printed magnet holders which pull down on a sheet of sprint steel (which can be removed / bent to pop off a print)

with some PEI on top

although you could have multiple different beds that just pop on and off with different materials on
(the magnet holders are designed to hold the magnets a little bit away from the bed to avoid over heating)

Multiple filaments

I’m not sure if multiple filaments is possible with this one since it is bowden
but I have printed a multiple spool holder for the top which is nice since it uses bearings for smooth running
A custom version of this (the original is designed for a smaller printer)


replacement fan shroud

bottom cover

cable holder

extruder clip

extruder hand wheel

rod damper springs

guide for flexible filament

I haven’t gotten around to pinting this one yet but a belt tensioner

There’s also a large bunch of others I need to get back to printing including something to hold the duet board in place / LCD etc.

The other option is that the mendle max could be repaird to behave better. Basically we have pa problem with a screw coming constantly loose.

As the MendleMax is unused I propose the following upgrades.

First we repair the problematic bolt. Then we modify the prinder to have a vertical x axis where the files will need modifying so the x axis is able to support prusia i3 style mounts.

Secondly we get a Chimera+ from e3d which will cost £87.60
Along with a BL tuch sensor which will cost £34.70

I am able to donate a spare MKS Gen L controller board that has some terrible DRV 8825 stepper drivers However for £32.23 we can get some TMC 2209 drivers from

Then with a raspbery pi we can run Klipper firmware

In total the upgrade would end up costing: £154.53 with the initial parts. However with that we would upgrade the Mendel Max to have the following capabilities:

  • Dual Extrudes for colours and materials (We can use PVA support material)
  • Auto levelling. So no having to worrie about the printer needing levelling