Space Reopening

Well its been a difficult few months stuck inside and if you are like me you will have no doubt developed a few project ideas and cant wait to get started on them.

The good news is we are back from Tomorrow (July 4th) the space will reopen with changes to make the space COVID Secure.

These changes include introduction of social distancing, requirements for booking equipment or certain areas, limits to the number of people in each areas.

For more information on the measures introduced please visit

We hope to see you at the Space soon


What’s the deal for inductions and new members? I’m conscious that, as I joined at the start of Covid, I’ve ‘donated’ decent chunk of change over the last 3 or so months, and have yet to have an induction to the space and get a fob, let alone get an induction on anything useful. Whilst I’m happy to contribute a bit, I can’t financially justify long-term funding a space that I have no use for. Given that inductors are volunteers and therefore may not want to do inductions in close proximity with others, am I better off cancelling my direct debit until we’re down to a ‘Level 1’, or is there any indication that inductions will continue? Will I at least be able to come in and get a fob from someone?



Hi James

Inductions for equipment will be dependent on if a volunteer is willing to do one or not. The board guidelines on inductions is that they can take place if they can either be done in a social distant approach alternatively if close contact is needed then this should be for as short of time possible and masks or face shields should be worn

Fobs can be self registered at the registration desk in the space so you should be able to register one ok you would just need to arrange to visit the space when someone is going to be there (best way for doing this is to ask on the main telegram chat)


I am in the same boat as James. However, I have just checked all the individual feeds and can’t find a reference to the telegram chat? Hoping to book an induction in ASAP.

Hi Sam is the link to our main telegram group