Space Storage Violations

Large Projects and Space Storage

Its been highlighted that there is a number of members in breach of the storage rules for large project storage in the space. We have recently sent an email to any member who has been identified as in breach of these however there is other projects stored around the space that violate the policy around Large Project Storage where the member cannot be identified.

If you have anything stored in the space which isn’t within your members storage area or the large project storage area please rectify this by either removing it from the space or by placing in one of these area (Note this does not apply to things stored in areas where storage has been provided eg material sheet storage in visual arts for laser materials

Given the current climate we want to keep the space as clear as possible but also understand that people will not be in the space as regularly as they used too so timescales for removing these items will be extended but it should be noted that if they aren’t removed by the time we next host a clear the space day they may be disposed of

Skips cost money… we would rather pay £400 towards having something cool in the space rather than getting rid of items so please act on this warning!