Stockport Town of Culture funding

Stockport council are asking people to apply for funding around their successful Town of Culture bid. One section of the program is Stockport Makes, and I know they want the Town of Culture program to be more than what is generally called ‘high culture’. The funding is open for individuals and groups based in Stockport (so not directly applicable to HacMan, but maybe worth looking into for a joint application). More info on the council website here: Stockport Town of Culture funding - Stockport Council

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Thanks for sharing this.

Interestingly I think HacMan nearly formed in Stockport but then decided to bring the operation more central to Manchester at an early stage.

It’s a shame Manchester City Council doesn’t care for this sort of thing. When you talk of a joint application, I assume whatever the agreement, we wouldn’t be able to take the money out of Stockport to our own space?

I haven’t gone through the application process to know exactly what is/isn’t covered. By ‘joint application’ I was thinking more along the lines of if an artist/group was interested in something like 3D printing (for example), they could apply for funding to cover their HacMan subscription for the duration of the project and one of the 3D printing people could say they were willing to support the artist/group around training induction and advice on their project. But that’s just me ‘thinking aloud’. So if anyone at HacMan knows someone who lives in Stockport or has a contact with a Stockport based group, it might be worthwhile to let them know about the funding, just to get them thinking.