Stopping posting fobs...

As we move onto new phases of the pandemic, and with keycode access method now in service, the benefits of offering to post fobs is greatly reduced.

In the last couple of months there’s only been one request for a postal fob.

As well as the restrictions which prevented guests visiting going, we now have access codes so people who sign up can now let themselves in rather than have to wait for someone else to be in.

I’m proposing we wind up postal fobs, for the time being, with all remaining stock (stamps, envelopes, fobs, etc) retuning to the space when I’m next dropping by.

Posting fobs requires someone (currently me) to have a small cache of fobs, flyers, etc, and to post them out as and when people sign up and request one. It would be nice to not have this on my mind any more, so unless someone else would like to take over this role, I’d like to propose that now is a good time to wind it up :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll second that :blush:

Update: postal fobs have now been retired and the option to have a fob posted on the signup page has been removed.

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