Storage request: Camping equipment for EMF

I have a small van booked to drive to Electromagnetic Field (EMF) and some people have asked if I can take some of their camping equipment so they can use a more environmentally friendly mode of transport to get to the event.

Would it be possible to use the large projects area for people to leave their (properly labelled) camping equipment for me to pick up? This would be from:
26th May - 2nd June, and:
6th - 13th June on the way back.

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I have no objections for it to be in large project storage given the date range and likely contents.

Hello! I’m planning to come to the space this Saturday (21st) to help with the badges - would it be okay to leave a few things for EMF then? It’s a bit earlier than the 26th, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it down again before the 2nd.

That’s fine by me, I guess if we give other members a few days to object it shouldn’t be a problem.

If you can fine some way of marking out a small area (like, for example, if we have an old pallet around) that would help identify things.


I’m at the space now - has anyone already established an area for van stuff?

I haven’t heard anyone say they have so I’d start one. If someone has they can add to your pile :slight_smile:

Next question then: where is the large storage area? I’ve not needed to store anything large before :upside_down_face:

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Haha yeah we do need to label it more clearly! Fancy putting up a sign if you have spare time? :smiley:

As you come in, turn right and keep going until you get to the wall, and it’s on your right.

Just confirmed the van booking. I’ll be picking up things from space at 1pm on Wednesday 1st June so I can hopefully get out of Manchester before the worst traffic.

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Pile established :slight_smile:

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Signs up

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Looks great! Thanks for doing the sign!

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Everything from EMF has now been placed back in the pile at the space - except the tree parts which are in the area near snackspace (plantspace?)

Please collect your things as soon as you’re able to so people can use the storage space for cool projects!

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Done - Thank you so much Jim!