Storage Violations

Storage Violations

As previously announced in August we are requiring people to ensure that items are stored correctly within the space either within Members Storage or Large Project Storage labelled correctly.

The board are planning to hire a skip (or some alternative rubbish removal service) at the start of January and any items still stored in the space outside of Large Project Storage or your members box will be disposed of.

We will issue further warnings with photos on the run up to this period but we can’t guarantee all items will be photographed or posted so please ensure if you have anything stored in the space outside of the allowed areas that you have sorted this prior to the start of the year.

We can facilitate access to the space whilst we are closed to collect these items or once we re-open you will be able to book a slot to do this.

It should also be noted that going forward no large project items will be permitted to be stored in the workshop areas (woody dusty/metalworking) and any items stored in these areas must be moved to large project storage or removed from the space.

Further details on the new setup for Large Project Storage will be published soon and in the meantime should you have any questions please contact the board via email on board@hacman,