Storage Voilation FINAL WARNING!!!

We have for a few weeks had a few things that we have had to label as “due for removal”!

I have posted pictures of the items that have violated the rules for storage space. If these items have not been claimed or sorted by the owners in the next 2 weeks from today (by 5th October), Then they will be either removed and re-purposed for the use of the hackspace or disposed of entirely. by not reclaiming your items you relinquished ownership of the items and allow us to do with them as we desire. YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WARNED!!!


VIOLATION warning. More photos! Part 2!!!

Hi, the “medical supplies” is my box, it is a printer that we meant to turn into a pcb printer to use, but no-one has had the time to do it.
There may be a few of my laser consumables on the top of that too,

I will try and get in this week to do something with it, but not sure what? I would like to get this project done, and if anyone would like to take it over or help then please let me know.

Is there somewhere else it can be stored until this is sorted?