Stuff I've noticed

I’m just putting a list here of stuff I’ve noticed while messing with discourse so far

First if you want to delete a topic, then the only current way is to flag the topic to an admin and let them delete it

In some ways this kind of makes sense since otherwise people could spam the board with new topics then delete them later on.
I have noticed it’s possible to edit existing posts, I’m not sure if there’s a time limit on that or version control etc

  • It looks like there’s a minimum limit for messages of 20 characters (probably a config option in the setup)
  • Also it’s possible to delete individual messages, but not if it’s the first message in a topic
  • There does appear to be version control (a list of changes when editing a post)
    so you can tell if someone is editing they’re posts to try and take something back :slight_smile:
    see the orange icon at the top right
  • emoticons seem to be auto handled with a nice javascript popup in the editor when you type colon
  • Markdown / BBCode is also supported which is kind of cool, not sure if this is auto formatted to html when mailed out

When posting links to youtube for example, it auto expands out the link to the video clip in browser.
This seems to be related to something called onebox

In theory with a small bit of ruby script it should be possible to add support for different sites / content as a plugin

e.g. 3d print models

  • Under preferences there’s an option called Mailing List Mode which when ticked I think emails out everything to a individual’s email address
    Also the option Send me an email for every new post
    This may be what users that don’t use the web gui will want to set

  • Another option to be aware of is Send me email notifications even when I am active on the site I think this is disabled by default
    but if your logged onto the web gui and it’s off emails might not get through if your in mailing list mode

  • Under preferences there’s also an option for Desktop Notifications this seems to be a setting that can influence Chrome / other browsers
    to show notifications in browser when new stuff has arrived (sounds cool)

  • An end to end test might be an idea, setup a dummy / test mail address that goes to the discourse site
    follow a message through from start to end to make sure it works exactly the same as a mailing list for those that need that

  • Check that any messages emailed in fall into an uncatogorised bucket of some description

  • Check that users that don’t have a login to the site, can actually still email into the dummy address (that it’s not filtering based on login etc)

I recently reached Level 1 Basic trust level
I noticed in the badge description it mentioned
"This badge is granted when you reach trust level 1. Thanks for sticking around a little while and reading a few topics to learn what our community is about. Your new user restrictions have been lifted; you’ve been granted all essential community abilities, such as personal messaging, flagging, wiki editing, and the ability to post multiple images and links."

Then I thought wiki editing wtf? after a bit of googling

It looks like it’s not really a wiki, basically an admin can alter the behaviour of a post so that it sticks around and can be edited by multiple people.
If an admin converts a topic to a “wiki post”

  • The post can be edited by anyone not just the creator
  • It gets highlighted in green

This is probably more use for items that perhaps need to stick around such as warnings about using the laser etc
Trying to use this as an actual wiki I think would be a bad idea though

i’m really happy with this. i’ve used this kind of form/board thingy on other sites with great success. i also like the digest option and the search function works great.

definitely great.


After putting myself into mailing list mode it looks like

  • Mails going out of the system are arriving into my gmail okay
  • Mails sent into (I sent a reply to this thread to see where it would end up) don’t seem to be arriving though (that’s probably just a dns setup issue for smtp)