T-shirt (and other stuff) Printing

As it looks like we are going to end up with a heatpress through the new equipment fund YAY which we can use to do t-shirt printing and other things like caps, phone cases etc. To do this we need to either be able to use the vvnyl cutter for vinyl transfer but we can also do dye sublimation except we require a certain printer and certain inks which would boost the cost greatly atm.

However one of the printers suitable is the espson WF-7710 which i just happen to have in the house. I am willing to lend that to the space which would allow us to do up to A3 prints we would need to get the refillable kit etc for that but its the cheap part and the ink is cheap but before i go to the hassle of dumping a heavy, awkward printer in the space to collect dust what is the likelyhood of it being used and does anyone have any alternatives or ideas.