Table Saw planned maintenance - 4th March

Hi all

The Scheppach table saw (big yellow one) in woody will be taken out of action on the Saturday 4th March for maintenance/repair. As such the machine will be unavailable from this date and due to the issues present we currently can’t give a time frame for when the machine will be useable again.

Currently the blade lift mechanism has seized and upon inspection by the woodwork team last Friday, we found the spindle had some sheared threads. Currently we’re not sure if any other parts are broken but if we can’t fix everything in house then replacements will need to be sourced which in the past has taken a while.

The reason this work is necessary is due to the increased risk caused by the inability to change the blade height. Currently the gap under the blade guard is fixed at 8mm so anything over would be cut with the blade exposed. While its possible to still safely work in this manner, and is mentioned in the training, anyone unsure or not confident do so should use a different tool.

We hope to have the machine fully operational again asap and apologise for the inconvenience.