Teach The Members Event

Considering that we have a backlog of people who want/need training on a variety of tools, a few who would likely want a refresher, and many new members who might have unanswered questions, I think it would be worth us looking at having an event focused around member training on a variety of tools.

Firstly, this would allow members to quickly tick off a few tools in one day, rather than having to hunt down trainers availability, and on the other side it would reduce the issue of members not showing to training events - which regardless of the reason, can be a frustration for the trainer.

This would also allow members to have quick sessions on smaller tools while waiting for longer training sessions, allow members to have potentially a small level of guidance on tools that they are not familiar with, and also introduce members to the workshop teams and the broader community. We can also use this as an opportunity to discuss things like how we take care of tools, procurement of supplies. etc.

This could also give us an opportunity to train new trainers, as the experienced members will be able to see how they educate new members, and the new trainers can assist through the process when training multiple members.

This kind of event is something I suggest would need significant buy-in from all the different teams and groups, as well as members with experience in the areas that don’t have teams - electronics, bikes, and maybe a programmer or two!

As part of this, I suggest that we ask attending members wanting training to dedicate some time on the day to making the space better - that could be cleaning and tidying, or working on infrastructure.

Of course, I also suggest that pizza at the end would be a requirement for a minimum viable product.

Since the 'space is normally quiet on a Sunday, I suggest this would be a good day.


Hi Chris,

As someone who joined Manchester Hackspace 6 months ago and has only been inducted on 1 tool since then, I think this is a brilliant idea. Particularly integrating it into a hack-the-space style day in return, seems like a fair trade and a good way to kill the waiting time that might be experienced in between waiting for different inductors to finish off what they’re doing.


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I think this is a great idea! I’m keen to learn a number of tools, and I can see the benefits of batching them together.

+1 for pizza afterwards too :pizza:!

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This is a great idea Chris. I’m happy to provide training as I’m currently a trainer on several tools. I’m also happy to help suggest some timings. I can’t unfortunately, give the time to organise the day or ‘drive’ this project, get people’s buy-in, etc.

I can confidently say that we can run training on wood tools all day. Band saws, mitre saws, and table saw are good to go. Router could very easily be available and planer/thicknesser might be operational as well.

In the metal room, we can provide training on all the tools as well as general workshop inductions. Welding won’t be ready, realistically.

Sunday sounds good to me. I think we can run trainign pretty much all day. 8 till 8. Something like that. Members will pay with their blood and sweat, cleaning the kitchenette.

Love this idea.

The outreach team will be happy to publicise and we can email the date out as part of our pending email (which I totally forgot about until now)

Updating the membership system records -
If people note the names of people who get trained and on what tool, then people marked as “trusted members” can update the member system to reflect everyone who has been trained :slight_smile:

Mike, I think the only thing we could realistically get people through on a busy day like that would be stick welding! So I don’t think the lack of welding will be a problem at all. Also, if this works well I can see it being a yearly event (or more regularly if there’s energy for it).

So, we have to induct so far, possibles are suggestions or unknowns -

Metal Working

  • Bench Grinder
  • Workshop Inductions


  • Show and Tell on Lathes and Mill? - Informative, not training.

Wood Work -

  • Table Saw
  • Circular Saw
  • Bandsaw
  • Router
  • Workshop Induction


  • Planer thicknesser - depending on parts and training status
  • CNC Show and Tell - educational, showing software, and maybe a test cut?

Visual Arts

  • Sewing Machine - Chris
  • 3D Printers - Alex


  • Laser Cutter
  • Large Format Printer
  • Heat Press Demo
  • Vacuum Forming Demo


  • Lab Induction - Alex



  • Entry Level Soldering / electronics?

Bike Space

  • How to check your bike (M Check)
  • Basic Bike Servicing

Possibles are entirely ideas and all of this will require trainers to be available and willing.

I’ve left off the lathes and CNC carver as these take a lot of time and energy to train someone on, and we won’t get a large number of people through in a day if they are included. With this, I’m thinking that we can get a good number of people up to a good starting standard of tool competence across the hackspace on the regularly used tools that form the base of making in their discipline.

To get this done, we’re going to need to pull together the following -

  • Check the PPE and make sure we have enough across the 'space (and first aid stuff… it’s a good excuse to check dates on gear)
  • List all the trainers who are available, willing, and even eager to do this! And what tools they are or can be capable of training on.
  • Make sure we have spares of blades etc for the tools we’ll be training with, and relevant materials and consumables
  • Produce a questionnaire / poll on what tools people want training on so we can figure out training and timing

We will need to work with the Board on this too, especially when it comes to ordering parts etc.

As this isn’t a small amount of things to do, I suggest a date of the 22nd May to aim for. That gives us five and a half weeks, which should be enough.



Love this! Whilst I can’t be there in person, I’d be happy to setup a video call for 3D printer inductions, if anyone would like to become a maintainer :slight_smile:

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Let’s get this booked in!

Any preferences for which Sunday? How about Sunday in two weeks - Sunday 1st May 2022?

@Chris_Hilliard and I had discussed 22 May to give us a little bit of time to communicate and prepare. I’m happy with 22, but what are other people thinking?

That sounds great. Let’s get that booked in.


  • Publicise online
  • Get the website calendar showing it
  • Get a list of people happy to train on tools. Maybe use Doodle so different people can assign themselves to different times of the day so there’s no massive commitment to be there all day.

I’ve been drafting an induction to the metal space. If this goes ahead (four weeks from now?) we could trial it then.

As I say, I’m happy to train all day, but I can’t organise.

I’m assuming this event is no longer happening?

I’d also be very interested in this

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Yeah it’s not! Basically someone (any member) can organise this, but it does need a strong hand to guide it. If you’re interested, let me know and I can point you in the right direction. It’s not a mammoth task, you just need to get buy-in from about half a dozen different trainers for a day, then promote the heck out of it.

Again, happy to provide details, I just can’t “own” the job.

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Yep, sorry everyone, I ran entirely out of spoons and a few things bulldozed me before I could get a better handle on kicking this off in a better way.

I’ll see if I have some energy later in the year, but would be happy if a few of us could work together on this kind of thing in the future. It appears to need a bit more work with teams as some of the training requires a little work before members complete the training in-person.

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No fault of your own Chris and no need to apologise. Anyone is free to organise this!

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Echoing what Cone says here. It’s worth emphasising that there is basically no barrier to “getting things done” in the space other than people’s own inertia.

I am often asked what my ‘role’ is at the hackspace, as I can be seen training people and showing newer members around and sometimes making a nuisance of myself. Someone is helping me fix a woodworking tool right now, and I said to them:

“The boundary between being ‘just a member’ and ‘a member that does stuff’ is razor thin, and you’re crossing it right now.”

The space isn’t great at communicating this fact to members. How does this get fixed? Members who are good at communicating need to look at the problem and attempt to fix it. There is literally no other way!

The board doesn’t direct the visible operations of the space, really, to any extent. It shouldn’t do, IMO, so don’t let the fact that you don’t have a title stop you from improving the space. You might have to be dogged, and be prepared to cajole people into action, but it can be done.

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That message is directed to everyone, by the way. Wasn’t meant to be a reply to Chris!

It’s not intended as a specific reference to this event, just a general comment about how the space runs and how new members might perceive the space and its workings.