teasecraft-MCR: Maker meetup sometime at HacMan (ages 18+)

Hi everyone,

I’m co-organizing a new maker meetup group which may be relevant to your interests: tease craft - HacMan after dark!

Teasecraft is a meetup group for folks interested in making their own sex toys / BDSM equipment / other kinky and fun things. All people 18+ are welcome, regardless of your (a)sexuality/orientation/gender or what materials you work with (electronics, wood, metal, leather, software, etc). We want to facilitate face-to-face conversation because it’s such a great medium for showing off projects, sharing stories, and meeting new collaborators.

I am looking to set up our first meetup, and will be working out when we can have it soon, If you can email me back directly so I can gauge numbers of interested people.

What to bring:
• Any projects you’d like to show off

Let me know if you have any other questions!.

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