The Bandsaws can move now!

Hi all, quick update on the Bandsaws in WoodyDusty

A purchase proposal was raised to add moveable bases to the two bandsaws, this passed and has now been implemented.

Health & Safety updates

With both machines now capable of moving around the workshop members are free to reposition the machines to suit their requirements. This change adds new risks even if you don’t intend to move them yourself. Inline with the requirements of the purchase proposal, the bandsaw risk assessment has been updated:

It is critical that the castors that enable the bandsaws to move are disengaged before using the machine. Due to the uneven floor in the workshop, members are advised to give the machine a small push after disengaging the casters to make sure the feet have found level ground and prevent unexpected movement. A gentle kick against the castors should show that they can spin freely without moving the machine.

Raising and lowering the arms that engage the castors can be done by foot and don’t require much force. They do have a tenancy to snap into position so to protect fingers we don’t recommend using your hands to adjust the levers.

Castors engaged - Machine moveable:

Castors disengaged - Machine fixed in place:

Both machines have been secured to their bases to remove the risk of them separating. The risk of the machine falling over is still present so when on the move, please take it slow, clear the path of obstacles, make others currently in the workshop aware of what your doing, and finally always keep one hand on the machine… with the uneven floors its possible for them to start moving on their own!

The machines can be both pushed and pulled. For the rest of this post, when I refer to pushing it will also apply to pulling on the machine.

The Bandsaws

When moving the bandsaws please push them by their bodies and avoid pushing on the Table, Blade or Guidepost/Guard. Pushing the Table will likely change its alignment to the Blade, while pushing the Guidepost could mess up the tracking of the Blade which has the potential to damage it, at £10 a pop we’re keen to avoid this. We recommend pushing from a low point on the machine to improve stability, if at any point you’re unsure, stop and reassess the situation.

In the coming weeks the woodwork team hope to have a designated home for the moveable machines (Bandsaws & Planer Thicknesser). Here they’d be stored out of the way to allow for the centre area of the workshop to be free and open for large projects to be assembled/worked on. As such when members have finished using the bandsaws they should move them either to the side, or back to their home. The process takes less than a minute and will make cleaning easier.

Some changes to the dust extraction system are planned that will allow members to hook up the bandsaws when they’ve moved them around the workshop. Another forum post will be made when this is possible!

Red Bandsaw:

With the Red Bandsaw pushed up against the workbench between the router table and pillar drill (not in photo), the bench top can act as an outfeed table for additional support for long pieces.

Green Bandsaw:

The castor feet are to the left side on the Green Bandsaw. This is because on the body there is a handle that makes it easier to control moving the machine.

Mark (@Marcus6275)
on behalf of the woodwork team