The Cash problem

I’d like to open this up again especially after lockdown and we are getting a lot more members to the space.

I would like to know what are the plans to move the space to cashless? Yesterday at open evening I heard a few comments about how people don’t use cash anymore and can’t contribute to the space coffers (even one case where someone wanted to pay for a job we did for them but couldn’t as they didn’t have cash).
I think the board have to weigh in on this as well and it seems they gave approval via the Cashless Payments post, see below.

Also can we have the member credit/debit system back in the member portal in the meantime. I understand moving to cashless will take time and this was a good stopgap.

Other conversations happened here Cashless Payments and Members System Goes Live

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First I’d re-add the original credit/debit system buttons so you can subtract whatever number you want from it.

Not all of the items we get in snackspace were on the barcode terminal anyway which made things a bit of a pain if you’re trying to remove an amount for something not on the list.
I understand the reasons why it was removed originally for tracking stock and type I think. But the replacement seems to be too unreliable when it was setup (I think the domain is offline at the moment and I think the terminal has been dismantled anyway).

As an optional extra later on, I’d also have a page on the members portal (not on a separate domain where you have to log on with a fob as that’s too insecure).
With the same list of items that used to be on the barcode terminal just to make life easier and help with the tracking of items.

Honestly I’d be really against the 'space going cashless for a number of reasons, but I’m definately in favour of us getting back to having card payment methods.

Remember, some people struggle with bank accounts or use cash to manage their budgets - never mind visitors to the 'space. I’d rather we not exclude these people in the same way we’re currently excluding cashless peeps.

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I’m in favour of both cash and card. We want to make it easy ultimately.

I’ll look at why and when the buttons were removed from the membership system - I suspect it was because we need to be strict about keeping snackspace money and laser money separate.

I’ll get this seen to though - but I for one definitely think we should have both cash and card.

Ideally we would have a card payment terminal in the space but these cost money and security might be a problem!

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One of the things I’ve heard about the card payment terminal’s is that they can have a shock sensor inside sometimes, so dropping them on the floor for example can disable them.
I think it’s related to anti-tampering.

The credit/debit system has been re-added thanks to @Cone , so that’s one problem down.

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